• FCC Cracks Down on Robo-Calls

      The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed an $82 million fine against a man who has allegedly made millions of automated sales calls. The FCC has accused Philip Roesel and Best Insurance Contracts dba Wilmington Insurance Quotes, of violating the Truth in Caller ID act. According to the FCC, Roesel and his company made 21 million automated calls, also known as ro ...

      Kathryn Davis/ Bond and Botes- 27 readers -
    • Payday Loan Amendment Bill Introduced to Alabama Legislature to Cap Interest at 36%

      According to a recent article by the Montgomery Advertiser, 45 Alabama legislators are pushing a bill that would give the power to the people of Alabama to vote on whether payday loan interest rates in Alabama should be capped at 36% Interest Rates Out of Control A bi-partisan group of legislators and payday reform advocacy groups gathered at the Alabama State House last Tuesday to introduce the.

      Grant Mcnutt/ Bond and Botes- 28 readers -
    • XCOR Aerospace Files for Bankruptcy

      XCOR Aerospace, an innovator in the aerospace industry, has filed for bankruptcy. XCOR is a private spaceflight and rocket engine development company based at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California, and in Midland, Texas. There are also locations in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. XCOR is best known in the aerospace industry for a suborbital space plane that was announced in 2008.

      Kathryn Davis/ Bond and Botes- 24 readers -
  • Millennials and the Debt Problem

    According to a recent Forbes article, Millennials may not be doing so badly when it comes to handling their finances. That’s interesting news considering about one-third of Americans—77 million people—have a report of a debt in collections. Further, the average adult owes around $5,178. Despite a poor economic outlook since Millennials began entering the workforce (rising stude ...

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  • Disabled Vietnam Vets Still Face Roadblocks

    I recently saw this heartbreaking article regarding Vietnam veterans titled “Reverberations from war complicate Vietnam veterans’ end-of-life care.” Maybe it is because I just watched the Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentary but this article really struck a chord with me. If you haven’t seen it, this is a “must-watch.

    Ron Sykstus/ Bond and Botes- 9 readers -
  • How Long Should I keep My Income Tax Records?

    The answer to that question depends on the action, expense, or event which the document records. Generally, you must keep your records that support an item of income, deduction or credit shown on your tax return until the period of limitation runs out for that tax return. What Is the Period of Limitations? The period of limitation is the period of time in which you can amend yo ...

    Grant Mcnutt/ Bond and Botes- 13 readers -
  • Property Transfers and Bankruptcy

    The transfer or sale of property is one of the most common topics I discuss with potential clients. I’d like to take the opportunity to discuss this issue in this blog and hopefully provide answers to some common questions. What Property Transfer Includes When an individual files for bankruptcy relief, he or she is require to disclose to the Court the sale or transfer of any re ...

    Nick Gajewski/ Bond and Botes- 12 readers -
  • Remington Plans to File Bankruptcy

    After much speculation, one of the largest American manufacturers of ammunition and firearms, Remington Outdoor Company, announced that it is planning to file bankruptcy in the state of Delaware. Remington has reached a Restructuring Support Agreement with creditors that will be effectuated through a reorganization plan filed in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    Kathryn Davis/ Bond and Botes- 10 readers -
  • F-35A’s Coming to Montgomery

    Having lived in my adopted hometown for over twenty years now, I have made many friends through the years who have come to Maxwell Air Force Base for Officer Training School (OTS) and the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS) from all over the world. When the news came that the U.S. Air Force decided to locate the new F-35A fighter jet program, I was excited for the ...

    Gail Donaldson/ Bond and Botes- 11 readers -
  • Watch out for Latest Tax Refund Scam

    As if tax payers don’t have enough to worry about, there is a new income tax refund scam that the IRS is warning filers about. This time, however, the scam is likely originating out of the office of your tax preparer. The gist of the scam is that identity thieves are hacking into the data systems of a tax preparer using an email phishing scam.

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  • What to Do If You’ve Been Served with a Lawsuit

    Have you been served with a lawsuit recently? If so, the most important thing to do is to stay calm and call for help! Many people do not understand that they may have a very short window of time to act before even more serious consequences may occur. The most common problem we see is that someone may be served with a lawsuit, however, they don’t realize that the time to take a ...

    Bond and Botes- 8 readers -
  • Anxiety and Social Security Disability

    In several of my blog posts, I have touched on particular ailments and how they are addressed in Social Security (SSA) disability claims. Continuing that trend, I thought I would talk about another common ailment in this blog, Anxiety, and how the SSA determines its impact on an individual when evaluating the merits of their disability claim.

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  • Where Does Your Credit Score Fall?

    I don’t know about you, but as a student, I relished the day when my life was not judged by a number (i.e. grades). Then at some point in my early adulthood, it hit me that my life will forever be judged by a number: my credit score. The State of Credit Experian just released statistics this week on the State of Credit Scores in 2017. Credit scores overall were higher as was debt.

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  • Publix Offers Prescription Discounts on a Number of Common Drugs

    In Alabama, as in most states, a number of people struggle each month to pay for prescription costs. For those Alabamians, a new program at Publix Pharmacy locations is going to bring big relief. The new program called “The Next Best Thing to Free” will offer a 90 day supply on a certain number of drugs for common ailments for out-of-pocket costs of only $7.

    Mary Pool/ Bond and Botes- 10 readers -
  • Let Us Take a Look at Your Collection Letters!

    Have you received weird sounding debt collection letters in the mail? Letters that say the debt is old and that the debt collector won’t sue on it or report it on your credit? Also, do these letters say the debt collector wants to settle the debt with you even though it won’t sue you or report it on your credit? If you are getting these types of letters, we want to look at them! Please call our.

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