• 4 Common Legal Concerns Faced by Elder Law

      Elder Law, Common Concerns Elder law is just as it sounds; law focused on the elderly and their needs at the end of their lives. This means estate and long-term care planning. This type of law also covers things such as power of attorney, and guardianship. While there are attorneys well versed in some areas of elder law, it is important to find an attorney that knows all aspects of elder law.

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    • 4 Ways Newport RI Legal Mediation Can Help You With Family Law Issues

      Family law can be long, stressful and confusing. It’s difficult to comprehend the law when going through an expensive divorce. However, there may be an easier way to tackle the subject. Considering Newport RI legal mediation can alleviate the density of courtroom proceedings while finding a solution that benefits everyone involved — including children.

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  • Estate Tax Repeal Could Come Under the New GOP Tax Plan

    Currently, a big inheritance could leave you with a large tax payment. However, things could change in the future. The newest GOP tax plan aims to get rid of estate tax. If the bill passes, then you could be inheriting your estate with no taxes in as little as six years. Find out how the new tax plan could change estate tax forever.

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  • Alimony Payments Could Shrink Under New Tax Bill

    Alimony Payments Could Shrink Under New Tax Bill Being controversial is nothing new for this administration, and the new tax bill’s change to alimony payments is no different. While so many of the proposed legislation has been under scrutiny, the proposed tax bill seems to be getting a little more attention and a lot more dissection.

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  • Pension Disputes: Lessons to Learn From

    When most people think about pensions, they may imagine a prospective retiree who spent 40 years working at the same company. The loyal employee eventually retires and gets a monthly check. While that may be true for some people, pension benefits are increasingly more complex as company and employment culture changes to fit an increasingly fast-paced world.

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  • The Goals of Marriage Mediation

    If you are having marital troubles, then there are a few resources where you can turn to for help. One of those resources is marriage mediation. Through marriage mediation, you might be able to find peace in your marriage. Learn all about the goals of the process and what mediation can do for your relationship.

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  • Custody Rights for People Charged With Child Endangerment?

    Divorces can get messy, especially if children are involved. Unless you have a good relationship with your soon to be ex, you’ll most likely run into custody issues. A child endangerment charge may only make this worse. Child endangerment could happen for many reasons and doesn’t mean you’re a terrible parent.

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  • Ways to Reduce Your Estate Tax

    When you leave behind your estate to a loved one, you leave them a great gift. However, that gift comes with the burden of estate tax. If you want to lessen the burden on your loved ones, you should carefully plan out your estate wishes. With these techniques, you can reduce your estate tax. 1. Give annual gifts to your children and grandchildren In your will, you can choose to ...

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  • Military Divorce while Overseas

    Unlike purely domestic divorces, US military personnel who want to end a marriage must comply with both federal and state laws. For example, while a national, civil court may grant the divorce itself, only a federal court can determine the division of military pensions. Ending a marriage is further complicated when the enlisted spouse is stationed overseas.

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  • Estate Planning Basics

    Planning for our final arrangements is, at best, a touchy subject. It can be an unpleasant task, but it is also a necessary one. This is especially true if you have property or assets you wish to leave loved ones. While the thought of planning what happens to your estate may seem overwhelming, never fear! We cover estate planning basics in today’s blog post.

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  • Legal Separation Versus Divorce

    Legal separation and divorce are two words we never want to hear. For couples wishing to part ways, however, they are two options to consider. With nearly 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, knowing your options if your relationship ends is more important than ever. But what is the difference between the two? What is the difference between legal separation versus divorce? W ...

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  • Rhode Island Common Law Marriages: The Complete Guide

    Common law marriage might sound like a simple term. However, common law marriages are far from simple. There are a lot of misunderstandings and myths surrounding this type of marriage. Rhode Island has some unusual laws regarding common law marriages. To help you understand those laws, here’s a guide to Rhode Island common law marriages.

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  • The Most Recent Celebrity Divorces

    Love hurts, and these celebrities experienced the pain of love first-hand. To bring their suffering to an end, these celebrities decided to file for divorce. Find out who these celebrities are and what were the outcomes of the biggest celebrity divorces. 1. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Being married for 17 years is an impressive feat. However, it’s not enough to guarantee a lasting marriage.

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  • New Law Could Change How Divorce Effects Pets

    In many families, pets are like children. And yet, those “children” get no say in divorce cases. They don’t end up going to the owner who has their best interest at heart. Instead, they often end up in the home of someone who only wanted them to spite their partner. Soon, that should change. A new law could change the way that the court handles animals in divorce cases.

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  • Is It Every Too Early To Start Estate Planning?

    It can be hard to know when to start estate planning. Nobody ever takes the time to stop and think about when they might die. But, in this day and age; it is a topic that should be discussed and planned for. Accidents happen all the time, and you never know if one will be fatal. It is better to be prepared and not need to start estate planning than to need documents and not have them.

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  • The Social Media Pitfalls During a Divorce

    Going through a divorce can be very hard. The process alone can be stressful. There are also financial and emotional factors to consider. This is a time most people turn to friends and family for support, be careful how you do and what you say. Social Media can affect your divorce and its outcome. Don’t Make the Case Against Yourself Social media can be used against you in your divorce.

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